Our Philosophy

Integrity to bring the best

We believe that fitness & health should not be viewed as separate activity but a part of living and growing up. This attitude we have infused in our approach and character to instil the same in you.We believe a healthy diet and determination coupled with discipline of trainer and trainee will result in reaching in desired goal. 80% of the action is set right if you eat a balanced, healthy, customised diet and the rest 20% is your focus and dedication.

Our Services

We manage lifestyle disorders

Diabetes Management

Its not about treating Diabetes it is about managing your blood sugar levels effectively to prevent any complications thereon and we know it very well and help you lead a worry free and healthier life. 

PCOS Management

PCOS & PCOD comes along with weight management issues. We understand how small weight increase can elevate your condition. We help you manage your PCOS through nutrition and Physical activity.

Weight Management

Obesity can lead to variety of disorders such as diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension etc. It is also one of the largest health condition to effect humans. Loose excess weight to lead a healthier life.

About Us

KoKo Health is encouraging and enabling people to view health as an essential part of life. With changing food habits and lifestyle it has become ever more imperative and challenging to remain health. Through our innovative approach and experienced team we hope to achieve our mission of changing the way people perceive health. We are out to bring fitness and health back in fashion and make it part of your life. We at KoKo understand that each individual has a unique body type, unique lifestyle and unique fitness requirements, thus we fine tune and design fitness programs accordingly.With orientation on results we help you reach your health goals.

Happiness is key to Good health”

Laughter is the Best therapy” 

 With lifestyle changing rapidly, it has brought along some unwanted conditions such as, Diabetes, Hypertension (Stress) and PCOS. At KoKo we have realized that most important factor affecting and impacting our health today is the food we intake. Having right type and amount of food can make a difference to our health to a greater extent than we think. Therefore in order to have a 360 degree approach to a sound health we have incorporated dieticians/nutritionists who would guide you to a better and healthy food habit depending upon your existing health, food preferences and health conditions


Let us be your Health guide!

We make you healthier and happier

Being healthy is Key to being happy and young. Our changing lifestyle and eating lifestyle has given us side effects such as Diabetes, Stress-hypertension and PCOS and several others. These conditions can take away your health and happiness. Through research it has been established that these conditions can be managed and one can lead a healthy and happy life. These conditions often grip you in your later years of life. With us you can manage these well and lead a healthier, younger life

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